Product vs Process

After a year and a half of serious knitting (when I say "serious" I mean I've done it pretty consistently, but I am by no means a Knitter with a capital K yet) I've come to the realisation that I am a Product knitter.
I knit stuff that I know I will either use or wear often. I learn the skills I need for each piece specifically to make the particular thing I'm knitting, like the cables for the hoods, or stranded knitting for the Harry Potter Gryffindor bag. That's not to say I don't enjoy the process - why would I knit if I didn't - but I don't make a habit of knitting up a swatch to master a particular skill.

This also goes for my stash. I don't buy yarn on impulse, because it gets pricey and it takes up lots of space. So I buy it with a project in mind - I buy enough to complete a jumper or scarf or whatever I'm making. Does this make me unusual?


  1. Not at all, you're completely normal! (Of course, 'normal' would depend on who you're talking to...)

    I only buy yarn for specific projects, except sock yarn. I have it on good authority that sock yarn doesn't count as stash ;-) And what better way to learn new techniques, than to knit something practical? What's the point of knitting something random that you'll never use? Knit on, lady!!


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