I've got four projects on the needles

I promised myself I'd never let it get like this. I said I'd be faithful to one project until it was all finished. I blame the friends who encouraged my knitting, by deciding that what I was doing was actually cool rather than something only old ladies with cats did (I have a cat - Sir Dougal has nothing to do with the knitting).

It was them who decided they wanted stuff knitted. They were the ones buying big hanks of Cascade Eco for me to transform into head wear that keeps the rain off. It's not my fault they stopped laughing at my hobby and started appreciating it. But now I have four different projects on the needles and there's no end in sight.

- First there's the hood. It's for a friend. I'm getting bored of it because I've knit one before, and there's another one to make once this one is done. Also for a friend.

- Then there's the alpaca scarf. I love it, but it takes more concentration and energy than I have right now. It's not exactly a knit-while-watching-TV project. I keep making mistakes.

- Don't forget the robot. He's sitting there minus arms, legs and eyes because he's so fiddly and I'm over tiny needles.

- And then there's my new project. A pattern I've kind of created myself, using this awesome zigzag scarf pattern as a base. Instead of making it all knit stitch though, I've made a knit stitch border with stockinette stitch up the middle. I hope it's going to give it a cleaner finish but without the curling. Last year I knitted a red version, without my variation, and I loved it even though it was made with cheap acrylic. It's starting to look pretty tatty though, so I need a new one, and this is much easier to knit in front of the TV.


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