Bargain bin finds

So Whitcoulls has been having some trouble lately. There was the receivership thing and the gift card thing, and then there was the new owners thing - which will hopefully turn out for the best.

Luckily for me, in all of this turmoil, I found some awesome knitting books for $1. And that is not a typo.

A few months back, these were selling for $40 each. And while I might not be knitting tonnes of tea-cozies soon, I've found some great pattern ideas that could be adapted for scarves. 

And here's some more cool stuff, just feeding my alpaca addiction.

Some more Naturally Alpaca, this time in 8 ply, and in colour shade 1013. It changes from grey to charcoal to dusty blue, and it is amazing. A really good exchange for writing up some stuff for The Little Craft Store.
It is really not helping me with ban on starting new projects. One of my good friends has decided (and for very good reason) that I'm not allowed to start anything new until the hood is finished. But I'm bored of the hood - and a scarf knitted up in double-stranded alpaca would be so nice and warm this winter.... patience is a virtue.


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