Learning new fancy knitting stuff

I love getting parcels in the post. The best ones have yarn in them, or vintage clothes I've bought on auction sites. This week an awesome white vintage dress arrived, and I'm expecting a knitted jumper over the next few days. No yarn, but I did get something else which is just as cool - two new knitting books.
Stitch n' Bitch - Superstar Knitting by Debbie Stoller, and the new second edition of Sweater Design in Plain English by Maggie Righetti arrived on the doorstep on Thursday, and I am very excited.

Apart from my Mum, Debbie Stoller is the person who I credit with teaching me to knit. Her book Stitch n' Bitch - The Knitter's Handbook taught me things like joining new yarn to a project, increases, decreases and how to block. For me it really was a crash course in the basics, and it answered questions that I thought were too stupid for me to even ask. With Superstar Knitting, I'm hoping to really improve my skills - I'm really liking the look of the beaded jumper pattern, and some of the cardigans. Most of the patterns in there are things that I would actually wear as well, so I'm thinking it's money well spent.

And with Maggie Righetti's new edition of her famous book, I'm hoping to get over my fear of trying to design something for myself. I keep thinking that I'm too new at knitting to even bother trying to create something of my own, and too bad at maths to do all the calculations needed. But I'm struggling to find patterns of jumpers that I like, or finding patterns that look like all the awesome knitted jumpers in the shops this season. Hopefully the book, at a sizeable 411 pages, will tell me all I need to know.


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