Entangled Magazine is here!

I was pretty excited when I heard a New Zealand-based fibre craft magazine was starting, and even more excited when the amazing Granny G  asked me to contribute. In the first issue of Entangled I've written the Virtually Crafting feature, and I spoke to craft rock stars Shannon Okey, Flore Vallery-Radot, Diane Gilleland and The Knitgirllls. Each of these women have found ways to make craft a big part of their lives, or even their career. I will keep dreaming for now, but they are a huge source of inspiration.

Genny, the name behind Granny G and the editor of this new magazine has done a beautiful job. It's so colourful, nicely laid out and a great read - loving the feature about Angora Rabbits. Entangled is a digital-only format and subscriptions are available on Zinio.
Pic credit Entangled Magazine.


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