Wool and the Gang!

I arrived home today to find a parcel on the door step. Nope, it wasn't my latest Amazon purchase or something one of my flatmates won on TradeMe, this was something better.
It came all the way from the States, New York City to be exact, and what was inside was only the coolest gift a friend living in NY could give.
Two skeins of Wool and the Gang's Sugar Baby Alpaca in Ultra Violet. It is amazing. I can't stop touching it. It feels like a cloud. And I love royal purple! Debbie Foster, you are amazing.

And did I mention the packaging? No? I must! It came in an awesome white paper bag emblazoned with "Wool and the Gang", tied at the top with a length of maroon alpaca. Awesome!

Now I just need to figure out what to knit with it. Any suggestions for an awesome two-skein pattern?


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