What to do with my stash.

The arrival of my lovely alpaca from NY made me think about the yarns in my stash that I haven't used.
There's the Malabrigo Lace that I want to turn into a summer weight cardigan, but the small stitches are putting me off still. then there's the alpaca itself, which is amazing but there's only 232m of it between the two skeins, which is not much. Whatever I decide to use that for has to be awesome, because I can't get any more of the yarn here.

And finally, there is the Knitsch Merino Sock, which I bought thinking I would be able to figure out how to knit socks. At the moment, the left-handed magic loop / DPN knitting is really not working for me. I can't hold four needles properly and my magic loop leaves a bit of a gap at the join. No socks for me for a while.
My two skeins, which to me look like lightning in the dark, were sitting in the cupboard doing nothing, and they have been for months and months. Until I found a pattern for a triangular scarf (not shawl, to me they sound like they are only suitable for grandmas') that required exactly 360 yards of sock yarn. I have 364 yards. Meant to be. The pattern is Simple Things Shawlette by Mary-Heather Cogar, and I hope it will turn out to be a great light-weight scarf. And I'm getting the hang of the yarn-overs for the simple lace pattern!

I like that the yellow is pooling together. Makes it look more like lightning!


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