This weekend I taught two friends to knit!

And I'm not joking! Last week my flatmate took an interest in Chip the Robot, and since I was knitting a piece in plain knit stitch, I let him give it a try and showed him what to do. 
Then on Friday, I cast him on 20 sts to just practise with, and he's doing pretty good!
I was pretty please with that, so you can probably guess how excited I was when another good friend asked me to teach her how to knit - she wants to make a hot water bottle cover. After brunch we went to Mishi Yarns and picked up four skeins of Patons Jet and some 5mm bamboo needles, measured the water bottle and cast on!
I got a message from her this morning -
"I just want to you to know that you've got me hooked! I've got a whole 6cm after a solid night's work! How am 
I going to find time to do normal things like eat and sleep? Thanks Jo - I love it!"
I consider this to be a very successful weekend!

As for Chip the Robot - I was travelling quite well until I got to this instruction.
Pick up 8 sts from stitch holder, rejoin yarn, CO 2 sts, knit 10. How do I rejoin yarn then cast on two? Should I just cast on two at the beginning and go with it? I'm a bit confused.


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