Mixed Bag

As promised, here's a photo of my South End Snood.

This week has been a bit up and down. First of all, my awesome cat, Sir Dougal, has had problems with his bladder, making it very painful for him to go to the bathroom. But we are getting him better - special food and cat morphine are doing the trick. Then the motherboard on my laptop exploded, which is why I'm using my boyfriend's PC to do all this.
Then, if one cat drama wasn't enough, my Kitten, who's not really a kitten anymore and lives at my Mum's, got hit by a car this morning. The vet thinks she has a broken leg or pelvis, and x-rays are being done to see what's what. Hopefully we will know all the options this afternoon.
But, it hasn't all been bad. We picked up our new sewing machine!

And fabric for my new dress. Mmmm strawberries. I've picked a Burda pattern - 7517, which is apparently easy to make - we will see, it could be a total disaster.


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