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Some of you probably already know that the latest issues of Extra Curricular Magazine is out now.

I am very lucky with my job to be able to speak to lots of really cool people, and for this issue I chatted with Jamie Young from Porcelain Rove, who is an awesome ceramic artist.
And at my day job, crafty things are starting to take over the office. With regular bake-offs and more than one member of staff handy with a sewing machine, the team at The Aucklander are even getting craft into the paper. Check out this week's cover story, Home Economics.

As for my knitting, I got a bit bored of Chip the Robot, so I've started on a snuggly snood for winter. This South End Snood by Nolens Volens Knitting is going to be so great - I'm knitting it up in Naturally Aspire Super Chunky in a really rich red, and it's almost finished already. Then I'll get back to the slow-knitting and slightly tedious robot - not that it's hard, it's just not doing it for me right now.


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