For two weeks, after my colleague wrote a story about Auckland's first CraftExpo, I was really excited. I recruited Mum to come along, and I hoped I would find some really nice yarn to stash and save for an awesome project.

For the $14 each we paid for entry, I would by lying if I said I wasn't disappointed. After the expo being advertised as being for sewers, knitters, quilters, beaders and everything in between, I thought I would surely spend way too much money on extra supplies, but I was very wrong.

All up I found three stalls catering to knitters. One was the excellent Cameron-James Designs, where I did find this awesome Chip The Robot pattern.

Other than that there wasn't much at all. Quilting took up the vast majority of the stalls, followed by beading - and I have nothing against those at all (some of the quilts were the most amazing things I've ever seen). But when an event is advertised as being for a wide range of crafters, it would have been nice to see more variety.

Too add to that, I wanted to take a couple of photos of everything for the blog. Harmless I thought, especially as there were no signs up saying photography wasn't allowed. But of course, I was once again very wrong, and I was approached by an extremely rude stall holder to see if I had permission, who quickly informed me that NO photos were allowed to be taken in the merchandise area. I have no issue with this, but her way of letting me know reeked of superiority complex. I'm going to be the bigger person and not name the traders she was representing.

In saying that though, we did make the purchase of a Bernina Bernette 46 sewing machine! We are really excited, and Mum is going to teach me how to make dresses and skirts once we figure out to drive it.


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