Ok so it's still not finished - but I'm halfway through some arm warmers!

Now just imagine this jumper.

But with the seams finished. That's all I've got to do, plus the collar. I just want to get some expert advice before I finish it - seams are not my strong point and I don't want to ruin it all by just going for it. So I'm getting Mum's help!

And also, I did get distracted by these awesome Smocked Gauntlets by Tina Barrett, which I found on the Guardian website. I just had to have them.

So far so good!

Here's the smocking detail - I've nearly added all of the beads to the first glove, and I only started it four days ago. I ribbing pattern was very simple - the only adjustments I've made is to decrease the back width by four stitches to make them fit to the arms better. I used Moda Vera Merino yarn in colour 09 (says Brown on the label, but it's definitely grey) on my new circular 4mm needles, and I must say I'm converted. Don't think I will ever knit something flat on straight needles again - it's just so much easier to hold everything! And the year is great too, so nice and soft, I need more merino just to roll in...


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