It's so finished that I can wear it!

It took me, with a lot of help from my mum, most of last Sunday to put this all together. And I've learnt a few things about this knitting pattern that I would change if I knit it again.

Firstly - decreases for the arm holes. The pattern instructions said to Bind Off one at the start of each row to make the diagonal for the sleeve seams, which gave a bumpy line that was very hard to stitch to the sleeves. Next time I will knit one, then decrease one to leave a nice clean line to mattress stitch onto.

Secondly - the time spent making the seams look good was worth it. It took ages, but I would've done a very messy job if mum hadn't been telling me to take my time.

Thirdly - my tension changed over the time I knitted the front and the back. The first piece I knitted was noticeably looser than the second. Luckily blocking fixed most of this but I need to keep an eye on this if I'm going to take a few months off from a project.

And finally, next time I might make it a bit longer. It sits just below my belly button, which is fine if I'm wearing a longer T-shirt or singlet underneath, but it's not a length I'm used to. Apparently cropped is in this season...

And for some strange reason I have five balls of yarn left. The pattern called for about 11, so that's a lot left over. I guess because I knitted the smallest size I didn't use as much yarn as others might, but now I need to find something to do with them. Overall, I'm very pleased with it, it just needs to cool down a bit here so I can wear it.


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