Saturday, November 20, 2010

All of the lovely knitters

I only discovered World Sweet World magazine when they printed the last issue was on sale.
Since then I've hunted magazine shops, vintage gift shops and Trademe to see if I could find any more back copies - I loved the craft ideas and the whole philosophy, and I needed to get my hands on some more!

I then thought I'd try asking some of the lovely knitters on Ravelry, and after starting a discussion thread I got responses from three amazing and very generous people willing to send me some copies!

One of these is GrannyG, who has an awesome blog and podcast. Thanks everyone for being so generous - now I only have to track down issue seven and I have them all!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I actually finished a project!

Here is my Gryffindor bag! All finished in time to see the film tomorrow night! This was my first time knitting on circular needles, and my first time trying out stranded knitting, and for a first attempt I'm quite happy with it.

It is a bit bumpy still, but admittedly I used acrylic Moda Vera Cupcake in Red and Sunflower (half price at Spotlight and the colours were just right). I know acrylic is a pain to block, even when steam blocking, but for my fist time knitting in two different ways, I didn't want to waste good yarn on something that I may have ruined. I just hope it stays in shape after I've filled it up with wands, potion bottles and spell books!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I got caught up in Harry Potter

I'm counting down the days until the 18th. It's the launch of the latest Harry Potter film, and it's got me so distracted that it's practically all I'm thinking about.
It's become such a priority that I decided I needed something extra special to wear. I'm not organised enough to do the whole fancy dress thing, but I can put in a little bit of effort for my accessories.
Effort in my case equals teaching myself how to do stranded and circular knitting at once to make a Gryffindor Bag!
It's not perfect by any means. It's a bit bumpy because I pulled the yarn too tight as I was stranding, not realising that it wouldn't stay nice and flat if I kept my tension the way I usually do. But Since it's a bag, and not a jumper or something, I don't mind too much. It's a great learning piece - the pattern is pretty simple and I'm enjoying the circular needles!

The jumper will be continued as soon as this is finished - seven days to go until the deadline!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ideas for my next project

I've only just finished the second sleeve for my jumper, and I've knitted four rows of the back, and I'm already planning my next projects. My three weeks off over the Christmas break could prove to be the best time to knit things for next winter.

Firstly, is this amazing cape from Tiny Owl Knits. I want to go wandering in the woods with one of these. It should be great for autumn, if my summer knitting plan actually goes to plan.

And secondly, as a gift for my geeky boyfriend, I'm going to knit a Companion Cube, a tribute to the game Portal. I might change the construction a bit, and knit the cubes separately and join them all up at the end, instead of knitting together and doing this funky steeking thing - way too advanced for me!

If it goes to plan, I hope it will look as good as this!

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