Christmas Gifts and Zombie Cats

I feel I've been very productive in the last two weeks. I've knitted the Zombie Cat for my friend Brendan - the lack of arms is because I was using scrap yarn and ran out, but it's a zombie, so it doesn't matter so much.
Also, yesterday I finished a fingerless mitten thing for another friend. It's yellow and knitted in some sort of acrylic. My friend wears mittens every day of the year, even in the middle of summer, so I wanted something that could take a lot of wearing. And yes, I did just knit one. He only wanted one. He didn't even want a spare.

I need to block the mitten, which I will do this afternoon. Now I have no more gifts to knit, so it's back to the sweater. I made some progress last night, about another inch, but then I dropped about three stitches and they fell so far that I had to frog it back to where I had started off from. That's what you get from knitting at midnight while trying to watch the fourth episode of the BBC's Pride and Prejudice.


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