Ideas for my next project

I've only just finished the second sleeve for my jumper, and I've knitted four rows of the back, and I'm already planning my next projects. My three weeks off over the Christmas break could prove to be the best time to knit things for next winter.

Firstly, is this amazing cape from Tiny Owl Knits. I want to go wandering in the woods with one of these. It should be great for autumn, if my summer knitting plan actually goes to plan.

And secondly, as a gift for my geeky boyfriend, I'm going to knit a Companion Cube, a tribute to the game Portal. I might change the construction a bit, and knit the cubes separately and join them all up at the end, instead of knitting together and doing this funky steeking thing - way too advanced for me!

If it goes to plan, I hope it will look as good as this!

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