So this whole sock knitting thing

I'm quite lucky in my job as a reporter that I get to meet lots of interesting people. I'm even luckier when these interesting people share similar interests, and a couple of weeks ago I got to interview Belinda Too, a sock knitter who has just published her first knitting book.
The book, Blendy Knits Socks, makes sock knitting look relatively straight forward, and I'm willing to give it a go with the Knitch yarn (Almost Iris - I think it looks like a lightening storm - the kind that would make for superhero socks) I purchased at the book launch. Now i just need the right size circular needles to try the magic loop method. The one I was trying it on was way too short.
Buy Beninda's book here, and read my story here.
In other news, the jumper now has a sleeve! This means I'm halfway through, and I'm beginning to think about all the the stitching I'll have to do to sew it all together...


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