The Snoring Guy in the Coffee Shop

Last Tuesday was the inaugural meeting of a new knitting group that I'm happy to be a part of. We met in the city library cafe after work, with me being the only one who knew how to cast on and start knitting. So for me, it was a teaching experience, but it was fun to hang out with the girls who are enthusiastic about learning to knit.

But the knitting wasn't the most interesting part of the evening. The guy asleep in one of the cafe's chairs was. We could hear him as soon as we walked into the library (which I always thought were supposed to be quiet places). There he was, completely asleep and totally oblivious to library users and those trying to get in a quiet cup of coffee after work.

Each snore was different. They rumbled and echoed off the walls. We almost had to yell to each other to be heard over him. Several times staff members and people in the cafe tried to wake him - and they managed to, but he fell asleep again as soon as he was left alone.

It meant for a very memorable first meeting, and I kind of hope we see him snoring again if we make out knit nights a regular thing. I hope we do - it's nice to have people interested in stuff you like doing.


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