The Jumper part two - and why do I keep buying patterns?

The Jumper is progressing nicely, although I didn't knit as much of it as I wanted to this week because A) It was a short week at work and B) I was finishing off some fingerless gloves for a colleague of mine who has abandoned me to write for another newspaper. But anyway, I'm about five inches into the jumper, and I plan on getting a bit more done this weekend.

For the last three months, I've been looking for the perfect Breton-style striped top. I've hunted everywhere, op shops, chain stores, shops way out of my price range and online without any success. Then I had a revelation - why don't I just knit one? After a quick search on Ravelry, I found the perfect pattern, Breton Girl by Kat Coyle of Interweave Knits. And although the pattern calls for acrylic yarn, I don't really mind because I found just the right one in my local Warehouse, costing less than $20. My wardrobe will be very full of stripy things once both of these are finished.

And then there are the hat patterns I've found. And the hood pattern. Is this just a symptom of learning to knit? That I buy way too many patterns that I want to start on and get distracted from the projects I've already started? My yarn pile is growing, and I'm not the fastest knitter by a long way - will I finish all of these before winter ends?


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