Winter Warmers

Over the last four days, there's been a noticeable change in the season. What was a very long summer and mild autumn has just become a rather cold and wet winter. Just as well I've finished knitting some fingerless gloves minus the tricky fingers - I suppose you could call them mittens with the tops cut off. The red pair are for a friend, and I've just finished the first glove of my own, in a funky local yarn - Creative Fibre's 8 ply Ocean.

One thing I am struggling with is seaming. My mattress stitch never looks quite right. It's crooked and sometimes the sides don't quite match up. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so I end up undoing it all and starting over, which takes a lot of time. Any tips?


  1. On the seams with mattress stitch - I was taught crochet seams together using a finer gauge than the needles used to knit with. I found it a challenge to begin with, but have learned over time and with plenty of practice chain stitching together worked really well and seams sit flat :) (p.s. I only know how to do this element of crochet; am certainly a novice in that arena!) Good luck x


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