Learning to knit

Most of the time, knitting is something enjoyable for me. I get excited when I finish a tricky row, spend too much of my lunch break in my local yarn shop, and try to justify buying yarns that might not be knitted into anything in the near future.

I've struggled my way through fingerless gloves (nobody explains what "pick up 2 sts and base of thumb and k to end" means... thanks Mum for helping) and plenty of straight stocking stitch scarves, but I've yet to go anywhere near dpns or circular needles. I'm a bit slow with my knitting, and I blame being left-handed for that. I still haven't found a way to hold the yarn properly without letting the needles go each time I need to wrap it around, and the continental method seems uncomfortable too. But never mind - as my boyfriend says with regards to my new hobbie - Where there's a wool, there's a way.


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