Saturday, May 29, 2010

Knitting Stash

This week my knitting stash grew with the arrival of 11 balls of Rowan Cotton Glace from the lovely Cait at Alterknitives. Now that I've finished my arm-warmer-things, I can get started on my next project, a stripy jumper. I'm a bit intimidated - I've never knitted anything to this scale before, and what if I get bored of it?

I also joined Ravelry this week, which is proving to be an amazing source of information, but a very big distraction from actually knitting anything. There's just too much to look at; other projects, advice on what yarns to use - it's all very informative but I'm spending too much time browsing it.

Another issue with my new hobby - my need for knitting accessories - the more I have makes me a better knitter, right? I'm trying to convince myself that that is the case, but deep down I know the only way to improve is by making more stuff. I couldn't help myself when I saw this bag on Etsy though. It's a great size to take on public transport, and it fits just what you need if you're working on something smaller. Jenniegee hand-makes them, as well as posters and other goodies.

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