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Inari Tee

I've been looking for a basic woven t-shirt pattern for ages. It's been so long, I can't even remember when I started looking for it. When I finished my checked Laurel Dress, I knew the remnants were destined to be a cropped tee, and so the quest continued. I finally decided on Named Clothing's Inari Tee, after having great results sewing their patterns before. Also, I love a good crop and this pattern also come with a dress version, which no doubt will be used at some point.
I always procrastinate when it comes to cutting, but I spent an hour of my Saturday chopping it all out, and maybe two hours on-and-off stitching this up today. I'm a huge fan of the sleeve pattern pieces - this was the first time I've eased in a set sleeve without having any little wrinkles, which I consider a massive success. Also, the pattern has no darts, so that's one less step to sew. This will be a very happy addition to the work wardrobe, and I'm sure I'll be making mo…

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