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Summer holiday makes

We've spent the glorious two weeks over Christmas and New Year at home this year. I've been on call for work so it made sense to stay close by, enjoy a quiet Auckland, go bike riding and practise my skateboarding. I've also taken the time to do a few impromptu shops at The Fabric Store and finished two dresses.
Remember the Claudia Dress I made at the beginning of last year that I both loved and hated? I've finally made a new one out of a stunning striped linen. I realise that I look like a beach towel but I'm embracing it. 
I've been tying the waist with a belt to cinch it in a bit. As a slim human with not much shape, I'm mindful that I can get a bit lost in some dress cuts (especially with fabric as loud as this) but I'm so happy with the finished result, the adjustments I've made, and how comfortable it is. The stripes all match! A very big deal! I can even skateboard in it which is an added bonus. Now to dye the old one, so I have two to wear.…

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