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Springtime Dress

Tomorrow is the equinox, I've had a whole week off work and I've finally got my sewing mojo back.  I haven't used my sewing machine since we started packing to move house, which was ages ago. Then we moved, then I got a new job, and life just seemed to be a bit busy to wash and cut fabric and focus on sewing. Knitting has been much easier to be motivated about this winter.
Until a few weeks ago, when my favourite New Zealand designer dress got caught in my bike gears. This wasn't just any dress. I bought it as a 30th birthday present to myself, it cost nearly $500 and was made with beautiful black silk. It ticked a lot of my sustainable boxes - locally made, natural fibre - and to get the cost per wear down, I used to layer it with t-shirts and striped tops to work. It was the dress I wore when I had nothing to wear. 
Now it's got some significant holes and bike grease along one edge. And the designer has very recently shut up shop, so buying a replacement wasn…

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