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Vertices Unite Against COVID-19

I was being kind of hard on myself for not being one of these amazing people who has taken up a daily yoga practice, read seventy books and made 15 different garments during lockdown. Turns out I'm not one of those people. I am pleased that most days, I've been able to brush my hair and appear for online team meetings like I've kind of got myself together. I've found isolating pretty tiring, and that hasn't been helped by starting a new, short-term role in the middle of it all. 
My biggest achievement of our six weeks in lockdown is finishing my Vertices Unite scarf. 

One of the benefits of online meetings is getting a bit of knitting done when the camera is off.  My Vertices Unite would have ordinarily taken me at least three months to finish, but the no social life, leaving the house and finding extra tiny moments in my day meant I could get it done in two. What I love about this pattern is the garter stitch makes it an easy knit, great for the times when the weirdn…

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